Production Team

Stageworks has a dedicated team of artists who work closely with the directors and create amazing sets, beautiful costumes and thought provoking imageries.

Darla Lemay

Artistic Director & Producer

Welcome to Stageworks We Will Rock You. 
Who doesn't like Queen?  What a labour of love. 
I want to thank our entire team for putting this beautiful and magical show together. 
I hope you love it as much as I do, sing in your seats, and tap your feet to the songs.
Maybe you will be inspired to be in a show or help mount a show with us, we would love to have you.

"Be the CHANGE you wish the world to be."

Taylor Kachmarski

Productions Assistant

Taylor's role is to take the concepts of the show and make them magic.  She will ensure that all aspects of the show are  there for our audience to enjoy and put them directly in the place and time the author intended the show to take place.

Gen Walliser

Office Manager & Front of House Services

Gen makes sure we don't overspend and ensures the audience has an amazing time while visiting our productions.
"Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive of what can go right."

Danielle Roemer

Lead Choreographer

Danielle has spent decades coaching, instructing and choreographing a variety of disciplines and ages.
She's coached local Cheerleading and Pom teams which turned into a College level coaching position. Danielle was very honoured to choreograph for this show and wishes everybody involved the very best!

Brogan Weber

Dancer Choreographer

I started attending Stageworks as a student 20 years ago and have been a teacher and choreographer for the past 10 years.
I have choreographed numbers for Stageworks productions of Footloose, Mamma Mia, All Shook Up and now We Will Rock You.
This year I teach Acro and Ballet and have also started a home bakery so I can be at home with my 1 year old daughter.
I hope you enjoy the show! .

Scott Boomer

Music Director

Scott is a graduate from MacEwan Theatre Arts (2012) and University of Lethbridge (BFA/BEd (Drama) 2017).
He stepped into music directing in 2018 and enjoys the community building of directing students, friends, or colleagues through music. 

"Live, Love, Laugh, Learn and Leave a Legacy"
Dr. David Pysyk

Fabulous Crew

Director/Producer: Darla Lemay
Production Assistant:  Taylor Kachmarski
Music Director:  Scott Boomer
Lead Choreographer:  Danielle Roemer
Company Choreographer:  Brogan Weber
Fight Choreographer:  Jace Mix
Musicians:  Nelson Lemay (Guitar), Jason McCombs (Drums)
Sound Technician:  Jesse Gardner
Light Technician:
Technical Director: Rihanna Wall
Stage Manager:  Taylor Kachmarski
Office Manager:  Gen Walliser
Set Design:  Darla Lemay & Taylor Kachmarski
Costume Design:  Darla Lemay & Taylor Kachmarski
Set Construction & Painting:
* Randle Weber * Teresa Weber * Jason McCombs * Taylor Kachmarski
* Scott Boomer * Emily Rutledge * Fiona Rutledge * Sunshine Bautista
* Baylee Beveridge * Robin Butterworth * Jayceln Nordle * Michael Leoppky
* Nelson Lemay
Hospitality Team:
* Gen Walliser * Mallerlyn Rodriguez * Lorraine Chalifoux